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Refreshing Yuzu Ramen for the Summer

Ramen is usually associated with winter. Indeed, what better way to warm yourself up than by gulping down the steaming hot soup and allowing the delicious fat to melt on the tip of your tongue? However, to allow customers to enjoy ramen in summer as well, some ramen bars have introduced cold ramen.

With Yuzu (a kind of Japanese citrus fruit) as its main ingredient, the ramen at “Afuri” is refreshing and you can finish the whole bowl without an oily or heavy feeling. Yuzu salt-based ramen is the most popular choice, while there is Yuzu soya-sauce-based ramen and dipping ramen (tsuke ramen). For this summer, they have introduced a special edition: cold yuzu salt-based ramen.

Like a typical ramen bar, you buy a ticket at the machine and hand in the ticket when seated at the counter.


The staff will prepare your ramen in front of you in the open kitchen.


And soon, your cold yuzu ramen is laid in front of you.


On top of the ramen is a large portion of yuzu jam and it enhances the hint of yuzu in the soup. The sweetness and sourness of yuzu exists in harmony with the light broth prepared from chicken and fish. The amount of oil floating on top is also carefully measured so that it won’t clot even in the cold soup; instead it smooths the texture of the soup. The cold and smooth noodles and refreshing soup will cool you down and restore your appetite, no matter how hot it is outside.

Ramen can truly be enjoyed throughout the year, no wonder it is the most popular noodle in Japan!


Afuri Ramen

Ebisu branch:
Address: 1F 7117 Building, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5795-0750 (No Reservation)
Opening Hours: 11pm – 4am
Regular Holidays: None
Access: A 3-minute walk from the west gate of Ebisu Station of the JR Yamanote line or Tokyo Metro Hibiya line
Distance to airport: 21km from Haneda Airport
Wifi: No
Language: Japanese
Menu Lanugage: Japanese
Credit Card: Not accepted

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