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Hanami Viewing at the Kashima Yutoku Shrine


Yutoku Inari Jinja shrine sakuraHanami viewing at the Kashima Yutoku shrine is one that is truly special.
Yutoku inari shrine is one of the three largest in Japan and definitely worth a visit when you are in Saga. Despite there being lots of people walking around and enjoying the day’s activities, parking was abundant and you can park right at the venue where all the excitement is going on.


kumadeBefore entering the shrine gates there is a lovely pond with koi and you can take in the view of the shrine surrounded by blossoms from below. The main courtyard is open and has a shrine where you have the chance to pray as well as offer money. Getting to the main shrine is a short walk up and it also gives you a beautiful view of the cherry blossoms in the park adjacent to the shrine. Something which of course you can only see during the spring! If you want to reach the summit, it is about a 15-20 minute walk up where you can see a view of Kashima and the Ariake sea.


viewOn the way out of the temple you can walk along the main routes that lead to the shrine.

There were many things happening this weekend by the shrine including a retro car festival which was very cool and added an interesting spin on hanami!


VW hanamiThe main street leading to the temple was lined with cherry trees that were in full bloom and there were plenty of shops selling various trinkets and local snacks such as yokan. I stopped in a tea shop for some delicious Ureshino grown matcha tea and black sugar manju, all while sitting under a tree nearby. It was overall a lovely day and the events that were happening for the festival made the atmosphere a unique and special event to explore one of Saga’s most prized attractions.


(Yutoku Inari Shrine (祐徳稲荷神社))
Address: 1855 Furueda, Kashima city, Saga
Telephone: 0954-62-2151
Opening Hours:
Regular Holidays:
Access 1: 10 min taxi ride from Hizen Kashima station (JR Nagasaki line)
Access 2: 1 hour bus ride from Saga Station (Yutoku bus)
Distance to airport: 35 km from Nagasaki Airport. 40 km from Saga Airport.
Parking: Free

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