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Yuntaku (ゆんたく): Okinawan cuisine at Fusaki Resort Village

At the very thought of moving to Japan I was excited about the food, imagining myself trying hundreds of new dishes from all existing world cuisines. Two years and about 50 restaurants later, I still haven’t lost my zeal. This time I’d like to introduce Okinawan cuisine at the restaurant «Yuntaku» in Ishigaki Island.


Sometimes the cuisine of the Okinawan Islands of Japan is referred to as Ryukyuan. It is unique and different from mainland Japanese cuisine. In Tokyo there are a lot of restaurants where you can taste the food of the former Ryukyu Kingdom.

Traditionally, Okinawan people incorporate many healthy, almost medicinal ingredients into their cooking and hence live the longest among Japanese.

Restaurant «Yuntaku» is located on the territory of Fusaki Resort Village.

Usually they have seared tuna (maguro tataki), but that night they had some other kind of fish. As you can see in the picture, our tataki looked raw not only inside, but also on the outside.


Sea grape (umi budou) salad is a great source of iodine and tastes awesome! Sometimes it is called green caviar, but actually is only a kind of seaweeds.


We also ordered a dish from their special island shallots (shima rakkyo) menu, and black squid ink stir fried rice.



I washed that down with a glass of red wine instead of awamori. I haven’t tried this «island sake», but maybe next time I will be more adventurous!


Restaurant “Yuntaku” (ゆんたく)

Address: Okinawa, Ishigaki, Arakawafusaki 1625 Fusaki Resort Village

Access: by taxi or by bus from Ishigaki airport.

Open: 18:00 – 21:30 (until the end of August – until 22:30)

More information: http://www.fusaki.com/restaurant/yuntaku

Distance from airport: About 16 km from Ishigaki Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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