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Taste Yokosuka Curry by the American Naval Base

Yokosuka is a place whose name is perhaps more familiar to Americans than to Japanese. Situated in Kanagawa Prefecture, the Yokosuka Naval Base, formally known as “Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka”, is one of the biggest U.S. naval bases in the western Pacific.


Sign reads “American Naval Base in Japan. Public access prohibited”

It takes only around an hour by train to go to Yokosuka from central Tokyo. Upon arrival at Yokosuka station, you notice two things: the huge American population, and a statue of a seagull holding a plate of curry.


On the hat of the seagull, it reads “Yokosuka Navy Curry”.

Yes, curry is THE thing that shapes Yokosuka. You will bump into curry restaurants everywhere in Yokosuka and you can almost feel the curry peppered in the air.

Due to its geographical location by the sea, and its strategic location at the entrance to Tokyo bay, Yokosuka has been a navy base for over 300 years since its establishment by the Tokugawa Shogunate. Yokosuka navy curry was introduced by Japanese navy doctors to the navy menu in the hope of improving the health of the army. Hence, navy curry is believed to be very rich in nutrients. Even nowadays, navy curry is a regular meal for the navy and each fleet has its own secret recipe inherited from its antecessor.

Near Yokosuka station, you can easily find shops that sell individually packed curry, so you can cook them at home as well. Various tastes include beef and apple.


Copyright: http://yokosuka-curry.com

Each year, a curry festival is held in Yokosuka and curry from different regions of Japan can be tasted. The festival is held by the beautiful seaside where an old Japanese battleship called Mikasa is docked.



Look at the crowd and the white-roofed stalls that sell curry. The curry festival is a big event in Yokosuka and from this you can get an idea of how important curry is here. The festival this year has finished, but you can still come here to enjoy the curry and the sea, and even take the curry home! And there’s always next year!


Yokosuka city
Address:  Yokosuka city, Kanagawa Prefecture
Curry festival: Dates: 9-10th May for 2015. Usually the second weekend of May
Access 1:  Yokosuka line, directly from Shinagawa station to Yokosuka station (around an hour)
Access 2:  Keikyu main line, directly from Shingawa station to Yokosuaka-Chuo station (around an hour, depends if it is an express train)
Distance to airport: 52 km from Haneda airport

By Eva Chan

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