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Learning about wildlife at “Forest and Park for the 21st century” Tokiwadaira

Learning from nature while enjoying outdoor recreation, is very important for me and my family. We learned a great deal at Forest and Park for the 21st century in Tokiwadaira. We didn’t expect the park to consist of more than a wood, a meadow and pond, but it also had a park center and observatory. Sound boring? Not at all. My son and the other children were really excited. The park manager made wildlife interesting and attractive for visitors.

Tokiwadaira Wildlife 1

Park center of 21st century park

The park center building is located near Sendabori pond, the main attraction of the park. It has a modern architectural style with large glass windows so you can look out over the pond and park. Inside, there is an exhibition about the park’s wildlife. There are also collections of preserved reptiles, fish, prawns and insects.

Tokiwadaira Wildlife 2

Insect collection

I found one of the bugs particularly interesting because of the sound it makes. It has a high frequency cry and we only know what it looks like. This kind of bug cries near our apartment all the time. There are also preserved birds, reptiles and insects which are arranged into a nice forest diorama near a large glass window. The exhibition also has a game corner, with archery, puzzles and quizzes. All of these games are connected to wildlife.

Tokiwadaira Wildlife 3

Playing puzzles about the ecosystem

There is also a fishing corner. Not for fish, but prawns. My son and the other children were very excited trying to catch them.

Tokiwadaira Wildlife 4

Fishing for prawns

After spending almost an hour in this exhibition, we made our way to the other part of the park. On the map it said that we could see ducks, birds and insects near the natural pond.  We did not expect to find an observatory. It had more interesting preserved insects, reptiles, birds and mammals. We stepped in to another room which was very large with a wide panoramic window, and many BINOCULARS. Wow! My wife and my son and I played at finding animals in the natural pond. Whoever found the animal, whether it was a duck, bird or other interesting creature, won. It was not easy working with the binoculars but we had an enjoyable time and we learned something about observing wildlife.

Tokiwadaira Wildlife 5


Tokiwadaira Wildlife 6

Bird watching with binoculars

We were really thankful because the park provided so much interesting information. I was surprised how much my son enjoyed it. He has asked to go again next month.

For your information, a Moonlight Concert will be held in this park on September 26th 2015, 18.00 – 20.30. We will not miss it. Detailed information can be found on their website: http://www.city.matsudo.chiba.jp/shisetsu-guide/kouen_ryokuka/top/yoteihyou/dokodemo.html


Forest and Park for the 21st Century (21世紀の森と広場)
Address: ‪269 Sendabori, Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture 270-2252
Website: http://www.city.matsudo.chiba.jp/shisetsu-guide/kouen_ryokuka/top/
Opening hours:

Park: 9 am to 5 pm (Opening hours vary depending on the season: 9 am to 4:30 pm over the winter months, and 9 am to 6:30 pm in the summer months)
Regular holidays: New year holidays (Dec. 30~ Jan./1)

Park center and Observatory: 9 am to 4:30 pm (again closing time varies by season)
Regular holidays: Mondays, Dec. 28 ~ Jan. 4.
Distance from airport: About 45 km from Narita Airport

Article: A. A. Hadi


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