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The curious case of Japanese Internet: Wi-Fi or not Wi-Fi?

I constantly have to switch Internet on my phone to 4G at home. It’s not because we don’t have Wi-Fi, it’s just because so many people in our block of apartments are using Wi-Fi in the evening that it becomes impossible even to send an email. It is very, very annoying, especially when you are in Japan, the country of advanced technology!


Granted, we live in an older block of apartments, but not that old. However, when I see the building next to ours being wrapped up in protective sheets for repairs, fear slowly creeps into my soul. According to my friend, they were deprived of sunlight for several months while their block of apartments was given a new look. As far as I gather, buildings have to undergo repairs every 10 years. There is no regulation on the Internet though.


I often work from home. We have Hulu TV and Netflix, and I often watch them while doing some simple work. In daytime I can watch them without issue, but at night (starting at about 8 pm) our Wi-Fi becomes as slow as a snail. We can’t change the provider because it is decided by the building management. Even the newest model of Wi-Fi router with several frequencies (2.4GHz and 5GHz) does not help. So I switch my iPhone to 4G and send my emails.


If we only had one desktop computer, it could be different. But, as a modern 21st century family, we own different devices like laptops and IPhones, and all of them require Wi-Fi Internet.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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