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Why One Should “NOT” Visit Japan

Never believe someone if they tell you that Japan is a nice place to visit. It’s entirely an untruth. If you don’t believe me, check this out.

Have you ever seen such beautiful temples anywhere? The temples of Japan are stunning. Perhaps you should not witness such temples with your own eyes. Do you know what I mean now?

Not visit Japan 1

Why should you waste time travelling in Japan, enjoying such epic views and impressive prefectures? Let me tell you that whoever visits Japan will enjoy its spectacular landscapes.

An old pagoda and a sea of cherry blossoms frame the beautiful and timeless shape of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

An old pagoda and a sea of cherry blossoms frame the beautiful and timeless shape of Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Why should you visit Japan to view this kind of astonishing lake? There are many such splendid lakes in Japan, some located next to volcanos etc. It’s an unpleasant view, isn’t it? Of course not!!

Not visit Japan 3
Mountains in Japan? Even if someone tells you that there are some iconic mountains in Japan, you can’t believe it after looking at the picture below. Oh, no! maybe you do now.

Not visit Japan 4
There are many beautiful islands in Japan covered with pine trees. Their scenic exquisiteness attracts many visitors. It is quite natural that people who visit these stunning islands tend to spend more and more time enjoying nature’s beauty. You are probably not a nature lover and definitely do not look forward to visiting such islands, do you?

Not visit Japan 5
There are numerous amusing waterfalls located among the Japanese mountains. So why go to Japan to be confused by having to decide which waterfall to see? Because you will definitely find it difficult to pick one from among the numerous options available.

Not visit Japan 6
There are many wonderful things in Japan; Japanese culture, Japanese festivals, Japanese cuisine being but a few. Now, you have learned that there are many stunning landscapes and destinations in Japan. Beauty of Japan is everlasting. The cultural identity of Japan is very strong and this attracts tourists instantly. Knowing all these things now, please answer the question with which we started. Is Japan an enjoyable place to visit? Certainly, YES!

Article by Asim Siddiqui

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