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Who is Gelatoni?

Ever wondered who that greenish-gray cat is which appears with Duffy and ShelliMay, the official Disney teddy bears? According to the official story, the cat’s name is Gelatoni (you see, he is Italian). Gelatoni is a painter and he also has Mickey Mouse marks on his face and paws.


Did Duffy and Mickey meet him in Italy? Don’t ask me, because I’m still puzzled. Gelatoni is exclusive to Tokyo Disney and never appears anywhere else. He was officially introduced in the summer of 2014, but has never appeared in any shows so far.


Duffy’s new friend emerged when the teddy bear dropped his gelato (this means “frozen” in Italian and usually refers to ice-cream which contains less milk fat, or sorbet, or frozen yogurt). The cat artist used his tail to paint a picture with the melting ice-cream.


There is only one photo spot within Disney Sea where you can see Duffy and Gelato together. It is at the Mediterranean Harbor. Next to them stands a small painting, which is changed each season.


There are quite lot of cute Disney goods with Gelatoni: plush toys, key chains, shopping bags and tote bags, ballpoint pens, coin purses and mug cups. And, of course you can buy a Gelato Sundae and get a special Gelatoni cup as a present!


Even if you don’t have a chance to visit Disney Sea, you can always check Gelatoni merchandise out on Japanese Amazon.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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