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Waiting for spring… with sakura drinks

You have to be an early bird and buy cheap but good-looking cherry blossom (sakura) goods as soon as they appear in the shops. Otherwise you will be left with stuff nobody wanted to take. Or you will have to visit a supermarket or 100 yen shop somewhere off the beaten track (they will probably still have something cute). That’s why yesterday I bought plates and paper cups at Can-Do. If I don’t feel too lazy, I will also go and look for cute things with sakura at Daiso and Seria.

On my way back I purchased some sakura drinks. sakura drinksThe first can is produced by an Okinawan brewery called Orion. It cooperates with Asahi since 2002. If you visited Okinawa, you may have started drinking Orion beer even before actually getting there. I mean, when the flight attendants start walking around with a can or two, it is just impossible to resist! Therefore, for me Orion beer usually means Okinawa, Okinawa means summer, which supposes that Orion beer means summer. So after a few moments of stereotype breaking I opened the can and helped myself to the first one of my sakura drinks this year.sakura drinksThe second can of beer (on the right) was manufactured by Asahi. In fact, I didn’t feel anything very special about both two beers, but cherry blossoms got me in the mood for spring!

I was planning to drink my beer from a paper cup, but it somehow seemed wrong. So I used it to drink a home-made sakura latte instead (using store bought syrup). It does looks almost white because I didn’t add any coffee. By the way, sakura latte is one of the most popular sakura drinks in Japan. It is a Japanese analog of Pumpkin Pie Latte, a seasonal drink that gets everyone in the mood for cherry blossom viewing.sakura drinks

Article by Olga Kaneda

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