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Try some Matured Wagyu Teppanyaki for No Extra Charge!

Saga beef sirloin and matured rump, Teppanyaki style

If you visit Japan you absolutely must try Wagyu Teppanyaki!  Teppanyaki is a type of Japanese cuisine where food is cooked on a large iron plate, usually in front of guests. There are many well-known brands of wagyu to choose from, Kobe beef, Matsuzaki beef and Omi beef, for example, but among them, I recommend that you try Saga Beef, a high quality, succulent and popular Wagyu. If you order Wagyu teppanyaki in one of the large cities, be prepared to pay dearly for it. However, I’ll share a secret with you! There’s a restaurant where you can dine on Saga beef in Kyushu at very reasonable prices! In addition, let me introduce a plan which allows you to taste some matured Saga beef with your meal for no extra charge!! Teppan yaki shef

Make a reservation

For the ultimate teppanyaki experience, I highly recommend that you sit at the counter and not at a table. Watching the skillful maneuvers of the chef as he cooks your meat on the large teppan (iron plate) in front of you is, in itself, an experience. And having an exclusive chef preparing meat to your preference right in front of you does not cost extra. So be sure to make a reservation as the number of counter seats is limited.

A popular restaurant where you can try Saga Beef at a reasonable price

At Kira, located in Saga and neighbouring Fukuoka, they prepare meals using choice local produce. The quality of food, service and atmosphere of their restaurants is first class and, in addition, they also offer very affordable lunch specials. However, there is no better way to appreciate Saga beef than as teppanyaki.

Saga beef Wagyu sirloin and dry aged beef When you sit at the counter, you can watch the chef prepare your meat right in front of you. On the right of the picture above is the characteristically rich marbled (shimofuri) sirloin of Saga beef and on the left a piece of matured thigh of Saga beef. Wagyu is inherently deliciously soft and succulent so maturing the meat was considered a rather unnecessary and costly process so matured wagyu is quite rare.

Fresh seasonal vegetables from Saga are served with your meal.

Appetizer While the chef is preparing your meat, you can choose from four types of delicate appetizers according to the season. Each dish is served on an Aritaware plate. Arita pottery has a four hundred-year-history and is world renowned.

The teppanyaki experience is a delight to your senses. See, hear and smell the delicious meat sizzling on the plate and enjoy watching as the chef skillful manoeuvers and cooks the meat and delivers it to your plate.

Saga beef sirloin This is a piece of Saga beef loin, a well-balanced marbled meat. It is this marbling which makes wagyu so tender and sweet.

Saga beef sirloin 2 The meat is seared on both sides to trap in the flavour. Savour the tenderness and sweetness of the loin when rare.

Salad Also, enjoy the salad and side dishes.

Dry aged Saga beef The chef slices the matured meat with great care.

Saga beef cooked Ready to eat! Cubes of sirloin on the left and thin slices of matured meat on the right.

Canivor Wine And, why not have a bottle of this wine, which complements the meat perfectly. At the moment it is on offer at a 70% discount!

Source Add your preferred seasoning; rock salt, wasabi or yuzu gosho.

Dry aged Wagyu Rice Hiohikari After your meat, enjoy freshly cooked local rice, pickles and miso soup. Each portion of rice is cooked individually in a traditional Kama pot.

Coffee and Arita Enjoy an after dinner coffee in an Arita cup.

Dessert And, of course dessert!

Hakata Kira

Fine cuisine and first class service at surprising prices!

A teppanyaki course consisting of Saga beef sirloin, matured Saga beef and a high quality wine would normally set you back at least 30,000 yen but Kira is offering this for less than half price.

How can they offer such reasonable prices?

This restaurant is run by JA (Japan Agriculture Cooperatives group) and so can provide fresh local Saga beef at reasonable prices. On top of this, for a limited time only (until November 30th) Kira is offering a special promotion. Guests who order a Saga beef course (from 10,000 yen), will receive a cut of matured Saga beef for free. Reserve the “Tanoshi Saga Bai” Course at Kira, Saga or Hakata Kira in Fukuoka. What’s more, if you order a bottle of CARNIVOR red wine (which compliments the meat wonderfully) you’ll receive a discount from the usual price of 5500 yen to 1500 yen. This wine is a high class wine which has received a Parker score of  87-89 points.  It’s not everyday that you are given the opportunity to taste delicious Saga beef teppanyaki at such a reasonable price. Why not take advantage of this offer and give yourself a treat. It will be one of your great memories of Japan.


Saga beef restaurant Kira  (main restaurant)
Address: 3-9-16 Otakara, Saga city, Saga
Telephone: 0952-28-4132
Opening Hours: 11:00~15:00 (L.O.14:00) 17:00~22:00(L.O.21:00)
Regular holidays: Second Wednesday of the month
Access 1: 10 minute walk from JR Saga station
Distance to airport: 10km from Saga Airport
Price: From 1,300 yen to 12,500 yen
Menu Language: Japanese/English
Credit cards: VISA、MASTER、JCB、AMEX、Diners



Saga Fudokan Hakata Kira (さが風土館 博多季楽) 
Address: 6-8 3F Nishi Nakasu, Chuo ku, Fukuoka city
Telephone: 092-737-2123
Opening Hours: 11:30~15:00 (L.O.14:00) 17:30~23:00(L.O.21:30)
Regular holidays: None
Access 1: 8 minute walk from Fukuoka city subway, Tenjin station
Access 2: 5 minute walk from Fukuoka city subway, Nakasu-Kawabata station
Distance to airport: 5 km from Fukuoka Airport
Wi-Fi: Freespot
Price: From 1,300 yen to 16,500 yen
Language: Japanese/English
Menu Language: Japanese
Credit cards: VISA、MASTER、JCB、AMEX、Diners
HP:博多季楽 こちらの記事もあわせてどうぞ! 【季楽】佐賀牛の熟成肉を無料で?!1日10食限定の幸運

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