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Visiting Hakone? Get ready for a tasty treat at the local Gyoza Center!

It is not really a center or plaza like the name might imply. Even when I talk about Gyoza Center in Hakone to Japanese people, they get confused. The trick is to concentrate on the word “gyoza”, not on the word “center”. Because their gyoza (餃子) is simply irresistible!Gyoza CenterWe went to Hakone last spring. After visiting a few museums, we stopped by this little Japanese-style shop. To be honest, it is my husband’s favorite eatery in the town. It is really important to get there in time for lunch or dinner, because the last time they closed the doors just in front of our noses. Can you imagine my disappointment?Gyoza CenterIt was cold and windy outside, and we had spend all our energy at Pola Museum of Art and The Museum of the Little Prince. Luckily, this time we made it exactly in time for a hearty dinner at Gyoza Center.Gyoza Center

My best choice at restaurants with Chinese food is 焼き餃子 (yaki-gyoza), aka pan-fried dumplings, or fried Japanese pot stickers. Although not the healthiest choice, they taste out of this world! My husband also ordered boiled dumplings. They come in a bowl of soup, and I didn’t like them very much.Gyoza Center

Except the usual ones, at Gyoza Center they also serve dumplings with crab, shrimp, cuttlefish; even with vegetarian dumplings with kimchi, shiso, or natto! All dumplings range from 735 to 945 yen. It is way more than the standard fare, but we visit only once a year… So after polishing off the dinner we ordered this annin tofu (almond pudding).Gyoza Center


Gyoza Center Hakone

Address: Gyoza Center, 1300 Gouraeki, Ashigarashimon-gun, Hakone, Kanagawa
Telephone: 0460-82-3457
Opening hours: 11:30am – 3pm, 5pm – 8pm
Closed: Thursdays
Access: 5 min. walk from Gora Station
Official website (only in Japanese): Gyoza Center Hakone
Distance to airport: 101 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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