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Vietnam Festival 2016 in Yoyogi Park

Have you ever been to Vietnam? Even if your answer is no, you can get a feel of this colorful country even in Japan. Just visit the annual Vietnam Festival in Yoyogi Park.

Held in June, the festival perfectly reflects the hot climate of Southeast Asia. Just like Japan, the mountains are actually not so hot in summer while temperature in the plains can be a little less than 40°C. Hence a Vietnamese style conical hat, Non La, is a must. Made of straw, it looks stylish and nostalgic, especially with traditional Vietnamese dress Ao dai. Vietnam Festival

Another well-known symbol of Vietnam is the colorful silk lantern. It is originally from the ancient town of Hoi An. During full moon festivals and New Year festivals candlelit lanterns like these are everywhere in Hoi An, providing romantic and festive light.

Vietnam FestivalPeople lining up to get some tasty pho, Vietnamese noodle soup. This street food is relatively cheap and very popular in Japan.Vietnam FestivalThe stage program wasn’t very impressive but everyone enjoyed it anyway.

Vietnam FestivalThere was also a booth with fresh strawberries and strawberry liquor.

Vietnam Festival

Kanom Krok (coconut snack) is a Thai street food popular in Vietnam. The method of cooking is similar to takoyaki, Japanese octopus balls. A similar special moulded pan is used, but the main ingredients are coconut milk and rice flour.

Vietnam FestivalVietnam FestivalVietnam FestivalSome fresh seafood.

Vietnam FestivalA performance with silk kimonos.

Vietnam FestivalSome more photos from the festival.

Vietnam FestivalVietnam FestivalVietnam FestivalVietnamese coffee is strong and flavorful. We tried the second version, iced coffee with condensed milk and coconut syrup. It tasted really good!

Vietnam FestivalVietnam Festival


Vietnam Festival 2016 (06/11 – 06/12)

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Jinnan 2-chome Yoyogi Park Event Square

Access 1: 3 min. walk from Harajuku Station, Omotesando Exit

Access 2: 3 min. walk from Yoyogi Koen Station

Official website (only in Japanese): Vitnam Festival

Distance from airport: About 18 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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