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Valentine’s Day treats on a budget in Japan

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re currently having this wonderful and warm teaser of spring here in Japan. I think it is the best present I’ve even had at this time of year. Tomorrow it will get colder again and we will have to wait until the real, full-version spring arrives. Meanwhile, I’d like to show you some budget Valentine’s day treats we have just gotten at our local supermarkets.

Choco-aidValentine's Day treatsMilk chocolate band aids. What can be better than these Valentine’s Day treats? Perfect for all ages. Kids stop crying, an important other starts smiling, and even a broken heart starts healing. A fancy version with strawberry flavor is more expensive, so we went with the regular one for under 500 yen. And the best part is that you get to keep the tin!Valentine's Day treats

Blueberries in a heart-shaped box

Just around St. Valentine’s Day you can get practically everything in nice hear-shaped packages. That is, if you are quick enough, because the quantity is limited as usual. These pack of blueberries didn’t cost more than the usual one and it seemed like a perfect Valentine’s Day treat, so I grabbed it before someone else did.Valentine's Day treats

Kit Kats with holiday messages

A pack of 15 Kit Kats with cute hearts and messages…. Are you kidding me? Of course I bought one. It was around 200 yen, which is practically a steal. It also makes perfect tiny thank-you gifts. We didn’t find a rare Kit Kat with glittery wrapping though. It’s my usual bad luck!Valentine's Dat treats

Konnyaku jelly hearts

My husband saw it at National Azabu and decided it would be a perfect Valentine’s Day treat. A pack of konnyaku (devil’s tongue) jelly hearts with apple taste costed him only 200 yen. And if he had bought two packs, it would have been cheaper.Valentine's Day treatsI liked the taste and the chewiness, but the picture says elder people and children should avoid it due to the risk of choking.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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