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Urawa Reds Diamond ladies in Nadeshiko League

The Urawa Reds Diamonds Football team is famous in Asia. I’ve known their name since they won the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Cup in 2007. That is why their name is famous among football lovers in Asia. On May 7th, 2016, I had the opportunity to watch a Urawa Reds Diamond match, but it was not a men’s team, but a women’s team, Urawa Reds Diamonds Ladies. As a football lover, I was curious about the women’s league, because Japan is really serious about their Women’s league. They have a good competition in 3 levels, Nadeshiko 1, Nadeshiko 2 and Nadeshiko 3. They also have a good website, similar to the men’s J League. It shows that Japan is really serious about this industry.

The Urawa Komaba stadium can be reached by bus from Urawa Station (JR Keihin Tohoku line or JR Utsunomiya line) toward Higashi Kawaguchi station 東川口駅北口行 and stop at the nearest Komaba sports park bus stop (the 5th stop from the station). Or you can walk for about 25 minutes with other spectators.

I arrived at Urawa Komaba stadium about 45 minutes before kickoff. You can buy tickets at the ticket counter in the stadium. When you enter the gate, you will receive a lucky number that will be announced at break time. It is a women’s league, but do not think that the spectators are mostly women. No! There were many more gentlemen spectators than women. Even in the home supporter side, there were many Urawa reds Diamonds supporters wearing red jerseys supporting the Urawa reds Diamonds ladies.

Urawa Reds 1

The Urawa Komaba Stadium

Before the game began, the players from both teams were introduced by the announcer. There is a big LED screen in the stadium. They have a nice introduction video for the home team. It is not only the players name and number but also a photo of each player.

Urawa Reds 2

The Big Screen for players’ introductions and scoreboard

Urawa Reds 3

Both Players warming up

The kickoff began. The Urawa Reds Diamond Ladies vs Iga FC Kunoichi. Please do not think that they play slowly. No! They played professionally. They attacked each other. The Urawa reds Diamonds won the game by 1-0.

The spectators, who were mostly men, really enjoyed the game and watched seriously. Japanese men are gentlemen. They didn’t even scoff or sneer at the other team.  As a first timer spectator, I was so impressed, not only with the game but also with the spectators. That is why the Japan Womens’ national team has a good achievement record in the Womens’ World cup and Olympics.

Urawa Reds 4

The Home Supporters and spectators

Article by Arifin Hadi

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