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Ueno Zoological Gardens A Beautifully Landscaped Zoo

I am not usually interested in zoos but because my son is very interested in them I went along to Ueno zoo. This ZOO changed my perspective on zoos. I was thankful to my son for asking me to take him there. I was amazed when I entered. It is not just a place where animals are displayed, but it is a beautiful place too. I didn’t feel as if I was looking at animals in cages. Instead I saw beautiful landscapes in which animals were united with their surroundings.

gorilla   lion

Each enclosure has a unique theme. The giant panda has a Chinese bamboo theme, the gorillas have a jungle theme, polar bears have Antarctic décor, to name but a few.

The icon of Ueno zoo is the giant panda but there are many other interesting animals too, such as tigers, lions, gorillas, monkeys, birds, bears, polar bears, and elephants. In fact Ueno zoo is home to over 2,600 animals from 464 different species. The animal displays have explanations about their name, morphology and other interesting facts. It is an interesting place where I can teach my son about animals.

panda Ueno zoo has also shown initiative in displaying animal habits. I was impressed with the way they explained how ducks float on water while they swim. They have made a half-pond display so visitors can see a section of the pond. They put water, a little duck, small fish and water plants in the pond, and small trees with a kingfisher bird in the background. The duck was floating on the water and looked so cute. Using this display, I was able to explain to my son how ducks move while floating on water. It was really interesting and educational.turtle seal polar bear

Besides animal displays, there are also some photo booths with animal sculptures. For example, you can take a picture with a big panda doll which is very popular with children. Well, not only children, many adults also want to hug this big panda doll!

Ueno zoo is located very close to Ueno station in Tokyo. Take the park gate exit of Ueno station and follow the signs to Ueno zoo. There is a large map of Ueno Park near the station that is very helpful for visitors. The entrance fee is also relatively cheap. When we visited Ueno Park, the price for my son, my wife and I was 1200 yen. Ueno Park is a good choice for a family day out.


Ueno Zoological Gardens (上野動物園)

Address: 9-83, Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-8711
Telephone: 03-3828-5171
Opening Hours: 9:30 – 17:00 (last entry 1 hour before closing)
Holidays: Mondays (closes Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday). December 29 – January 1.
Access 1: 5 min walk from JR Ueno Station
Access 2: 10 min walk from Keiseidentetsu Ueno station
Access 3: 15 min walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza line/Hibiya line Ueno station
Distance to airport: 19 km from Haneda Airport
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By A.A. Hadi

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