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Chiba Prefecture Sports Center – Toso Playground

There are several sports center venues in Chiba Prefecture. Toso Playground (総運動場) is one. There is a big stadium for football and athletics and tennis courts. They also have a nice hill track course that I thought was for bicycle races at first. They also have a jogging course and multipurpose open spaces. This sports center accommodates sports tournaments and festivals from around Chiba Prefecture and the Kanto Area. The stadium has also become a venue for the JFL league, Chiba Senior soccer league, Chiba Prefecture Women’s Football championships, Kanto University Football league and other tournaments.

Toso Playground 1

Chiba Prefecture Sports Park

I like to watch Briobecca Urayasu team matches. The match in the photograph was Briobecca Urayasu vs FC Osaka on May 22nd, 2016. In this game, Briobecca Urayasu was defeated by FC Osaka, the 2nd position team in the first stage JFL league. FC Osaka was much stronger than Briobecca Urayasu. In the game plan on the internet, it mentioned that the venue was The Chiba Prefecture Sports Center. I did not expect that it would be so far away from Chiba city!

Toso Playground 2

Photo session before kickoff Briobecca Urayasu vs FC Osaka

It is located in Asahi city in Chiba prefecture, which is 70 km from Chiba city. I did not expect that there would be such a big sports center in such a rural area. The stadium is big, although spectator seats are only on one side of the football field. You can see people playing tennis in the tennis courts and running on the hill track course from the spectators’ seats. Besides watching football on the field, I could also enjoy a nice landscape on the other side.

The easiest way to access the sports park is by private car or on foot because there is no direct bus to the stadium. The nearest bus stop is the Chuwa bus stop on prefectural road 28, about 1 km from the stadium. From Chiba station, take the Sobu main line towards Chosi and stop at Asahi station. There is a bus stop in front of Asahi station and you can take a bus towards Omigawa station. Tell the bus driver that you are going to Toso Playground sports center, and get off at the Chuwa bus stop. Walk to the north side and you’ll see a big stadium in the distance in the middle of paddy field!

Toso Playground 3

Chuwa bus stop

You can also take a 高速 high speed bus, Chiba Kotsu Asahi route (旭ルート) from Tokyo station Yaesu exit and get off at 干潟 bus stop. Similarly, you will have to walk from the bus stop to Toso Playground sports center. Information on the bus can be found in the following link http://www.chibakotsu.co.jp/kousoku/chosi.html

Toso Playground 4

Chiba Kotsu Bus Asahi Route to Tokyo Station

Article by Arifin Hadi

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