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Toranomon Hills, future Tokyo and Roots

It may sound stupid, but a year ago I was so excited about visiting Toranomon Hills, the place where future Tokyo starts! Well, at least their website says so.1763__1443586527_69615It was opened in a business district of Tokyo Toranomon at the beginning of summer 2014. When we got there for a family meeting, I was slightly disappointed. Although the building has 52 floors, it mainly hosts residences, offices, and the luxurious Andaz Hotel and Tavern. There are many restaurants on the first few floors, but since we missed lunchtime, my parents-in-law chose to have afternoon tea at Andaz Tavern. We ordered hamburgers (mine was good, but not perfect), club sandwiches, and enjoyed the view. We didn’t book a table, but we were lucky enough have a table by the window.FullSizeRender__3___1443580083_51402Ironically enough, after tea we decided that wanted to drink some coffee. We bought yummy lattes at a branch of Omotesando Koffee, unsurprisingly called Toranomon Koffee. Mine was with Irish Cream.

Toranomon Hills

One of the main attractions of Toranomon Hills was outside. He looked like a modern version of Rodin’s Thinker.Toranomon Hills

In fact, it is a symbolic sculpture by the famous Spanish artist Jaume Plensa called «Roots» made with stainless steel and paint. The sculpture consists of letters and characters from 8 popular world languages, including Arabic, Hindi, Japanese, and Russian etc. The author said that they symbolize memories and histories of different people, which are united by global culture. Everyone can have a picnic in Toranomon Hills on the lawn next to the sculpture.

Toranomon HillsA cute cat-type business robot, Toranomon looks like Doraemon! It is the brainchild of Fujiko-Pro, Doraemon’s manga production company. Tora means “tiger” in Japanese.

Toranomon Hills


Toranomon Hills
Address: Tokyo, Minato Ward, Toranomon 1-23
Access 1: 5 min. walk from Toranomon St.
Access 2: 10 min. walk from Kamiyacho St.
Official website: http://toranomonhills.com/en/
Distance from airport: About 70 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kane

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