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Top 5 Abandoned Places in Japan You Should Not Miss

Apart from technology, Japan is also very well known for its scenic beauty and among the beautiful regions are many uninhabited wonderlands almost forgotten by man. These are not very well known places, but one should surely visit them to witness these beautiful yet rarely seen environments.

1. Gunkanjima, Nagasaki

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Gunkanjima (literally “warship”) is in Nagasaki prefecture, and it got this nickname because it looks like a military warship. It is an abandoned coal mining island. This place is well known for its incredible appearance. It is a complete abandoned city with vast concrete buildings surrounded by a sea wall on all sides. This island’s real name is Hashima.

2. The Lost Cow、Nagano

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The Lost Cow is a small hut which was once a well known ice-cream shop. Apart from that, it is also a lovely haikyo (ruin). It is famous for its special and unusual cuteness. Therefore, this place became a stop-over for many visitors passing by this area.

3. Temple of Lies, Ibaraki

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This is a temple in which there is a room full of spirit tablets. It was built in 1987 based on the principles of ancient Japanese religion. Each spirit tablet represents the soul of a dead person. For a fixed amount, one can place a spirit tablet engraved with the name of the dead person. Many explorers regard it as an interesting place to visit.

4. The Zed Clinic, Nagano

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The Zed clinic is one of the oldest abandoned clinics of Japan. It is surrounded by beautiful white snow in winter and it is also famous for its ancient look. The wooden buildings are arranged very thoughtfully. The main highlights of this clinic are the doctor room and operating room. Both rooms are designed according to ancient Japanese art.

5. The Red Villa, Ibarki

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The Red Villa is a mixture of Japanese and western architecture. It has two floors including a balcony. Though the building doesn’t look good, there are many explorers who visit this place. The ancient items, the climate and the bamboo trees attract the visitors.

Japan has many beautiful places which remain unexplored for many. One will realize what they were missing when they choose to visit these places. Surely, Japan is a wonderful place with a innumerable number of amazing places for man to experience.

Article by Asim Siddiqui

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