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Tochigi SC. Access to Tochigi Green Stadium

Tochigi Soccer Club or Tochigi SC is a football team in the J3-League. Their home stadium is Tochigi Green Stadium which is located quite far from the nearest city, Utsunomiya city. However, despite their rural location, they still attract spectators to every single match.

Tochigi SC 1

The Tochigi Green Stadium

The match here was Tochigi SC vs Gainare Tottori on March 13th, 2016. Even though they are a J3 League team, the match was very interesting. Unfortunately it ended in a tie of 0-0. A young player from Tochigi SC lost a chance during the last minutes of injury time because his shoot was off target. What I was impressed with was how the home supporters welcomed the visiting supporters. The match started with a speech, and in the speech the speaker said he was sorry but his team would defeat the visitors. The visiting supporters were not angry, they just said no, no, no and laughed. What polite people!

Tochigi SC 2

Tochigi SC vs Gainare Tottori

The Tochigi Green Stadium is located 25 minutes by bus from JR Utsunomiya Station. If you go from Tokyo station, you can take the Shinkansen Tohoku, but if you want to save money, take the JR Utsunomiya. It takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes by JR Utsunomiya from Tokyo station to Utsunomiya station.

After you arrive at JR Utsunomiya station, take the east exit. You will see a bridge corridor across the railway and road. Walk straight over and take the last exit (not the bus stop exit which is for regular buses). The bus for Tochigi green stadium is located behind the 健太餃子の宇都宮餃子館 restaurant, near the parking lot. You can take this bus to Tochigi Green Stadium FOR FREE!! So please don’t worry. The bus is available on Tochigi SC match days. I am not sure about the schedule but I arrived there about one hour before kick-off and some buses were already available.

Tochigi SC 3

Shuttle bus from JR Utsunomiya to Tochigi Green Stadium

Article by Arifin Hadi



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