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Things I would miss about Japan, and things I wouldn’t

One of my co-workers is getting married and will be leaving Japan soon. I know many people who lived here for a while then left to live somewhere else or to return to their home countries.

Things I would miss about Japan

People do not overeat at holidays or parties.

Not having to worry too much about leaving your belongings at your table while you visit the perfectly clean powder room. 99% of toilets are free of charge.

Wearing shoes even in winter is pretty cool!

Watching Japanese drama when it is aired for the first time.Japanese dramaRelatively cheap salmon roe and other fresh seafood.

Onsens, or hot springs. They may feel strange at first, but you get used to them very quickly. Most foreigners I know just love staying in a ryokan with an onsen!

Affordable, filling and tasty lunches at most cafes and restaurants (compared to dinners).

The opportunity to eat food from all over the world without the need to leave Tokyo.

You can see and even buy cute robots. No more words. Just check out this one:Robot JapanSuper friendly and chatty Japanese old ladies. They can even share their own umbrella with you when you are soaking wet! That’s very touching and never happens in my home country.

Things I wouldn’t miss about Japan

Fluffy white bread.

Small sizes of everything, especially narrow streets, tiny shoes and clothing.

Crowds everywhere, especially at Disney Resort.

Drunk salaryman, and older otaku guys in Akihabara. Actually, all kinds of otaku.

People sneezing without even trying to cover their mouth. I never get tired of mentioning this one. The same goes for foreign travelers who forget their manners just because nobody knows them here.

Japanese old guyReusing water in the bathtub.

Scarce and expensive fresh raspberries. Unless you know that they are pretty cheap at Costco.

Raspberries Japan

Muggy summers and surprisingly cold winters.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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