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The great and powerful Japanese kabi, or How to get rid of the mold

One of the biggest bummers about living in Japan is kabi (カビ), or mold. I believe that the Japanese mold is much more powerful and annoying than the mold in my home country. So I prefer to call it kabi. Kabi in the bathroom is particularly stubborn and completely unavoidable, but it can be controlled.Mold in the bathroom in JapanWe buy and use only 2 cleaning liquids to keep the mold at bay:ドメスト and カビキラー .

Domestos fights off the pink mold

ドメスト (Domestos) contains twice as much active component (available chlorine) than many other bleaches.ドメスト

ドメスト is perfect for pink surfaces in the bathroom. Apply it generously, wait a few minutes, scrub if needed, and rinse with plenty of hot water. The pink mold will not be back too soon. But it will be back withing 1 month. There’s no way around it.

Kabikira for the black mold

カビキラー (Kabikira), which literally means “mold killer”, works wonders with the black mold. You just spray it on and wait. カビキラーRinse the foam after several minutes. Scrubbing is needed only in the worst cases. Hurray! The mold is gone!カビキラー

Just don’t forget to wear a mask and rubber, and open the window before cleaning. Both cleaners contain sodium hypoclorite, and breathing in chlorine is very dangerous for the respiratory system. You can purchase Domestos and Kabikira at any drugstore, supermarket, or order online.

Remember, if you don’t scrub your bathroom regularly, you may meet a Japanese monster called Akaname, or Bathtub Licker, soon! He is reported to appear in dirty bathrooms (but not toilets) late at night and try to clean them up with his tongue. Although usually its the Japanese children who are afraid of running into him, you never know.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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