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Summer, Roppongi, Doraemon

Roppongi Hills becomes incredibly lively in July and August. People escape the suffocating summer heat at Summer Station of «Artelligent City».

The permanent resident of Roku-Roku Plaza (66 プラザ) is Maman, a sculpture of a giant spider by French-American artist Louise Bourgeois. She belongs to the Mori Art Museum. However, 66 Doraemon figures have appeared on stage every summer since 2014 and outshine her in every possible way.


Every Doraemon figure is unique and amazing. Each holds a different object, produced from his 4-dimensional magic pocket, and has a different facial expression. Sometimes they are very funny!


It is rather difficult to take good photos because there are always kids examining or touching the figures. But if you stay there long enough, it is possible to take as many shots as you wish.


For some reason I thought that this Doraemon, with a rain cloud in his hand (paw?) was very cute. Small kids shared my opinion!


The figures are part of the promotion for the new movie. “Doraemon: Nobita and the birth of Japan” to be released in March, 2016.


If you are a fan of Doraemon, you can always find this blue robotic cat from the future and his friend Nobi Nobita at TV Asahi.



Roku-Roku Plaza
Open: July 18 – August 23, 2015
Address: Tokyo, Minato, Roppongi 6-10-1
Access 1: 1 min. walk from Roppongi st.
Access 2: 7 min. walk from Roppongi-Itchome st.
Access 3: 8 min. walk from Azabu-Juban st.
Distance from airport: About 14 km from Haneda Airport and about 70 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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