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Sugamon of Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street – An intriguing urban legend

At the beginning of Sugamo Jizo Dori Shopping Street you will see a plush figure of Sugamon, mascot of the area. He is a big white duck.SugamonActually, you will be able to see only his, um, plushy bottom sticking from the wall of a booth. Personally I was shocked when I first saw people hugging and rubbing it. Then I realized that there must be some story behind, and it even turned out to be an urban legend of Tokyo.SugamonAfter touching the bottom of Sugamon you will be successful in love (says Sugamon website), get married (says the wooden sign). After touching it very gently you won’t need to be cared for when you get older.

And you can always buy a wooden ema tablet with a hear-shaped hole and hang it there to pray for your love life. The heart makes a perfect souvenir for the person you love!SugamonSugamon duck is always shown with a small tail, but you won’t spot any tail on this plush bottom. In fact, it even resembles famous salty daifuku (shiodaifuku) from a shop called Mizuno.SugamonOn the back side of the booth there are some kawaii manga comics featuring Sugamon and his family: father, mother, and a little sister.SugamonPlush Sugamon always visits Sugamo area, different shops and temples when some events are held there. Check out the official webite for times and dates if you would like to meet him.

As you walk along Sugamo Shopping Street, you will also see a post box with Sugamons upper part sticking out of it, which kind of balances out the whole picture.Sugamon


Sugamo Shopping Street

Address: Tokyo, Toshima, Sugamo 4-22-8
Telephone: 03-3981-1316
Access 1: a short walk from JR Sugamo Station
Access 2: 16 min. walk from JR Komagome Station
Distance to airport: 33 km from Haneda Airport
Official website (only in Japanese): http://sugamon.jp/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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