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Sugamo – A paradise for tourists who want to take a look at old Japan

Got tired of those crowds in popular tourist spots in Tokyo? It high time to go to Sugamo and relax. Everything here is serene and old. Look around, and you may feel as if you have just stepped out of a time machine. Forget about boring books on modern history of Japan and try to experience Showa Era here and now, in Sugamo Jizo Dori.SugamoSugamoVisit Shinsho-ji Temple and see one of the Six Edo Jizo in Tokyo called Dozo Jizo Bosatsu Zazo. It was erected in 1714.SugamoTry some pickled onions and black garlic.Sugamo黒いにんにく(kuroi ninniku), or black caramelized garlic, is very popular not only in Asian countries. It is a strong antioxidant that will increase your stamina!SugamoVisit Kogan-ji Temple to heal your diseases and add some years to your life. Check if Togenuki Jizo and Arai Kannon really work wonders.SugamoDrink some Sugamo tea. It is some special kind of green tea that is definitely good for the health.SugamoBuy lucky red underwear at Maruji Sugamo and activate a mysterious spot called Tan-Den. Believe me, the impact of Oriental medicine is stronger than you might expect.SugamoWash your hands with home-made natural (and colorful) soap. This Jizo is called the Sugamo Face-Washing Jizo.SugamoGet some strength and guidance at Sarutahiko Ookami Shrine.SugamoSugamoOn your way back why not eat some cute Sugamo Jizo monaka (Japanese waffle with anko filling) or traditional desserts?Sugamo


Sugamo Shopping Street

Address: Tokyo, Toshima, Sugamo 4-22-8
Telephone: 03-3981-1316
Access 1: a short walk from JR Sugamo Station
Access 2: 16 min. walk from JR Komagome Station
Distance to airport: 33 km from Haneda Airport
Official website (only in Japanese): http://www.sugamo.or.jp/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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