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Sueyama Shrine: A Shrine Dedicated to Ceramics

Every day new dishes are fired in the kilns of Arita.
When I passed this factory, I found an amulet by the kiln dedicated to pottery.
an amulet

Location: A kiln in Arita

In the past it was believed that a fire god existed in each kiln.

This amulet for pottery safety was made by Sueyama shrine.
an amulet from Sueyama Shrine
This is a rare type of shrine dedicated to Tosojin, the god of ceramics.

It is located on a small hill by the town and is reached by climbing a number of stone steps.
Strangely, a railway line runs through the middle of these steps!
The steps continue beyond the level crossing.04
When you reach the top you’ll find a variety of objects made of ceramics.
Even the Torii gates and guardian dogs which are normally made from wood or stone, are made from ceramics. This may be the only place of its kind!
With an offering of 50 yen or over, you can draw one fortune slip.
Fortune slips are available in four different languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) and are called “Eibun mikuji”09
A nice souvenir from Sueyama shrine might be one of these pretty ceramic amulets!
These are made by the Shinto priest (kannushi) himself and are unique to this shrine.
I was surprised to see that even votive pictures (ema) were made from pottery.
The Sueyama shrine sits on a hill above Arita as if watching over the town.
You can feel a sense of how important pottery is to the people of Arita.

It is also a lovely spot to view the changing colours of the trees in autumn.


(Sueyama Shrine (陶山神社))
Address: 2-5-1 Odaru, Arita-cho, Nishimatsuura-gun, Saga-ken
Telephone: 0955-42-3310
Opening Hours:
Regular Holidays:
Access 1: 20 minute walk from JR Kami Arita station.
Access 2: 7 minute drive from JR Arita station.
Distance to airport: 33 km from Nagasaki Airport. 42 km from Saga Airport.
Wi-Fi: Unavailable
Price range: Amulets: From 500 yen ~
Credit cards: Not accepted

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