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Steak in a Chawan? Yes, it’s Japanese style!

Like many people in the world, Japanese like to eat steak.
In Japan, we often see it served Japanese style, which is interesting for me.

Beef Steak set

Here in Mugi-Kichen, located near Saga Station, the menu includes “steak-zen.”
“Zen” means “set” in English. A few dishes, including rice, miso soup, salad, and so on, are served on one tray with the steak.

beef with rice

Of course, the rice is served in a chawan; a Japanese rice bowl.
You may think it is strange to eat steak in this way.
However, eating rice from a chawan is normal for Japanese.

I think many Japanese prefer to eat rice from a chawan rather than from a flat dinner plate as served in western restaurants.
Japanese usually hold up our rice bowl when we eat, so a chawan is easier to hold.

There is another thing you might be surprised at in this restaurant.
Please look at the picture below. Do you know what it is?

ticketing machine

This is what we call ’KENBAIKI”. This means a ticket vending machine.
When you enter this restaurant, you have to buy a ticket from this machine first and hand it to the staff inside. When the meal is ready, they will bring it to your table!

This system is used in many cheap restaurants for efficiently.
You can also see it in some ramen restaurants.
I hope you enjoy using this machine. It’s easy and just like buying canned drinks in the vending machines on the street.

Mugi Kitchen
Address: 1-7-31 Ekimae-Chuou, Saga city
Tel: 0952-40-0100
Opening hours:
Lunch: 11am ~ 2:30pm
Dinner: 5pm ~8:30pm
Closed: Sundays and National Holidays

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