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St. Patrick’s Day 2017 around Japan: parades & festivals – save the date!

St Patrick's
Celebration of Ireland’s national day has captured the hearts of Japan’s fun-loving people, and dozens of events will take place across the country throughout March. This year, there are a total of 14 parades, from Tokyo to Okinawa, and many more parties, festivals and music sessions taking place in communities all across the country.
In Tokyo’s Yoyogi Park, the hugely popular I Love Ireland Festival, an Irish cultural experience for all the family, will be back for the fourth year running, and takes place over two days from 18-19 March.
St Patrick's IrishDancers
Faoi do chois é!

This year marks the 60th year of diplomatic relations between Ireland and Japan and the 25th year of the Tokyo St Patrick’s Day parade, so expect celebrations in Japan to be bigger and better than ever in 2017.
St Patrick's PARADES
Tokyo Parade

Ireland’s national holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, takes place on 17 March has been celebrated in Ireland for nearly 1,200 years (and in the United States for more than 250 years). Every year, millions of people around world join the parades and parties and put on green clothes because, true to Irish culture, everyone is welcome to join in on the fun.
St Patrick's Kishis
Get your glad rags on
This year, you can find St. Patrick’s Day merchandise stocked in Don Quixote, Kishis Party Store, Daiso, and Claire’s Accessories, and there will be an Irish campaign in Ito Yokado.
So why not join in the St. Patrick’s Day fun at you nearest festival or parade, and experience Ireland’s amazing, international cultural experience first-hand. (If you can, don’t forget to wear something green!)
St Patrick's 5
When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Irish Network Japan (INJ) currently has the following events listed. Check out their website for daily updates in 2017.
Saturday, 4 March 34日(土)
Ise Traditional Irish Music Ceremony 伊勢神宮 アイルランド音楽奉納
-Irish Traditional Music Ceremony in Ise:
13.30~14.30, Ise Jingu Geku (Ise city, Mie prefecture)

Kyoto Parade 京都パレード

Sunday, 12 March 312日(日)
Yokohama Parade 横浜パレード
Matsue Parade 松江パレード

Saturday, 18 March 318日(土)
Tokyo Festival 東京フェスティバル
-I Love Ireland Festival
10.00~18.00, Yoyogi Park in Shibuya
-The Emerald Ball Tokyo
18.30~, Tokyo American Club

Osaka Parade & Festival 大阪パレード&フェスティバル
Kumamoto Parade 熊本パレード
Okinawa Parade 沖縄パレード

Sunday, 19 March 319日(日)
25th anniversary of the Tokyo parade!!!!
Tokyo Parade & Festival 東京パレード&フェスティバル
-Tokyo, Omotesando parade 東京パレード
-I Love Ireland Festival
10.00~17.00, Yoyogi Park in Shibuya

Nagoya Parade 名古屋パレード
Okayama Parade 岡山パレード
Fukuoka Parade 福岡パレード

Monday, 20 March 320日(祝)
Takamatsu Parade & Festival 高松パレード&フェスティバル

Sunday, 26 March 326日(日)
Chiba Parade 千葉パレード
Fukui Parade & Festival  福井パレード&フェスティバル

St Patrick's EmeraldBallTokyo
Emerald Ball Tokyo

Check out the following websites for more events and updated information related to the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in Japan can be found on the following websites:


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