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Passionate flamenco dancers at Spanish Festival 2015 in Yoyogi Park

Last Saturday I visited Fiesta Espana, which means Spanish Festival, in Yoyogi Park. As you already know, many festivals of different countries are held there. Relatively easy to get to, Yoyogi Park is a good place to visit on a sunny day. So why not combine the pleasure of breathing fresh air with the fun of eating paella and drinking Spanish wines? Many people (but luckily, not too many) decided that it was a brilliant idea for a weekend.Spanish FestivalThe crisp late autumn air wasn’t particularly inviting to sit down on the grass, but some visitors still enjoyed a picnic-style meal. It seems to me that the Japanese like rice and seafood, that’s why the most popular dishes at the Spanish Festival in Tokyo were rice with seafood (arroz con mariscos) and giant paellas.Spanish festivalWhen I visited, it was still daytime, so people mostly chose soft drinks. The famous Spanish wines and Sangria (beverage with red wine, fruit and sweetener) were more popular after the sunset, I guess.Spanish festivalThe festival without dancing and singing is not a real festival. That’s why the stage was the main attraction after the hunger had been tamed. Most of the time it was a tad boring for me (like Spanish language lessons), but I really enjoyed the flamenco performance.Spanish festivalSpanish festival

People were rather skeptical about male flamenco, but flamenco performed by female dancers was very impressive! I just wish the dancer in a white dress smiled at least a bit. She seemed very nervous, or unfriendly. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch even a glimpse of her smile on my camera.Spanish festival


Spanish Festival 2015 (11/28 – 11/29)

Address: Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Jinnan 2-chome Yoyogi Park Event Square

Access 1: 3 min. walk from Harajuku St.

Access 2: 3 min. walk from Yoyogi Koen St.

Official website (only in Japanese): http://spainfes.com/

Distance from airport: About 18 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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