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Small but powerful – Incredible Japanese robots for everyday communication

Modern Japanese robots are extremely cute, talkative, and smart. They will turn your lights off if you forget to, make your calls and take your messages, take pictures and video (which means no more selfies and selfie sticks!), translate, dance and even do yoga together with you!


This robot helps you to communicate with your family. It is compatible with sensors which can be placed around your home. If you place a motion sensor on the front door, he will notify you when the family members arrive home. Download the app and send a voice or text message to BOCCO from your smartphone! He will read it to your family at home. BOCCO also sends voice messages back to the connected smartphones.Japanese robotsBOCCO is a good purchase if you have kids without their own cell phones and parents who are always busy. It even looks like a toy, and has limited functions, e.g. can not move around. There’s not much use for it if there are only adults in the household.

Producer: Yukai Engineering Inc.

Price range: between 30,000 – 40,000 yen


Imagine that your smartphone has literally grown a head, arms and legs, and suddenly started walking around. That would be a cute little RoBoHon, more of a smartphone that has some features of a robot.Japanese robots

Is this new version of Japanese robots very different from a smartphone? Well, he can dance, recognize your facial expressions, read messages aloud, remind you about your plans, or call the taxi. RoBoHon will also act as an image projector. However, even my female friends said that it would be too embarrassing to use it as a phone in public.

Producer: SHARP

Price range: unknown. Will become available in the first half of 2016.

Alpha 2

These Japanese robots come in 2 colors now: blue and red, but I saw only the blue ones. There will be more colors soon.

Japanese robots

The memo in Japanese says: “I am not a toy!”

Alpha 2 is a small voice-controlled humanoid robot that is in fact larger than life! He translates words for you, posts your photos on Facebook, does yoga poses with you, and tells you to take an umbrella if there’s a chance of rain. He works for all family, narrating, instructing, facilitating, making everyday life better. Skills of Alpha 2 keep growing as he can easily download new apps. I definitely want this robot at my home! The only downsides of Alpha 2 is its battery life: only about an hour, and his price.

Producer: UBTECH

Price range: between 150,000 – 160,000 yen

Article by Olga Kaneda

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