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Silver Willow Shopping Street next to JR Kawasaki Station

Kawasaki Station may not be on a list of tourist attractions, but it is an important hub for Costco Kawasaki. Whenever I decide to buy some American stuff or a big box of raspberries, I roam a little about the station before taking the bus.Silver Willow StreetThere is a huge, two-storey Daiso in Kawasaki MORE’S which is much more exciting than my closest branch. This time I’ve layed my hands on something I’ve been tracking down for quite long – kanji workbooks for grades 4-6. I was as happy as a clam!Silver Willow Street

Although much smaller, and more packed with pachinko and karaoke, Ginryuugai Kawasaki (Silver Willow Street) definitely resembles Palm Shoutengai in Musashi-Koyama.Silver Willow StreetClothing shops for older people, street food, Japanese- and Western-style eateries, tea salons and coffee shops, a pharmacy, – this is what you will see on your way.Silver Willow StreetHowever, the little perk worth mentioning is Gin-chan, an official mascot of Silver Willow Street in Kawasaki. Not only he looks like an adorable green hippo, he also has wings and his own Facebook page!Silver Willow StreetOn second thought, he could be a dragon. But wait, how naive I was! Kawasaki Gin-chan turned out to be a spirit of the willow tree. Logical enough, I guess.

Silver Willow Street


Ginryuugai (Silver Willow Street) 
Address: Kanagawa Prefecture, Kawasaki-shi, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki-Ekimae-Honcho 3-7
Access: a short walk from JR Kawasaki Station
Phone: 044-233-1666
Opening Hours: 10 AM – 6 PM
Official website: http://www.ginryugai.or.jp/
Distance to airport: About 6 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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