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Saga’s “Soul food”: Sicilian Rice at Retrokan

What does Japanese “soul food” refer to?Sicilian Rice

Of course there are foods like rice and miso soup which are a staple in all areas of Japan but there are other soul foods which are particular to each area. In Saga, SICILIAN rice is one such dish. White rice topped with fried meat and vegetables and mayonnaise is a dish you’ll only find in Saga.

One of the features of this dish is the individuality of the dish from one restaurant to another; each using their own variety of different meats and dressings.

The Retrokan Sicilian rice uses carefully selected local produce: Saga Beef, a high quality and sumptuous meat and, only the freshest vegetables grown in Saga, including baraf, a novel vegetable which was developed at the University of Saga. This is one of the dishes you must try when you visit Saga.

Retrokan offers a variety of Western-style cuisine, including omurice (omelette covered rice), pasta and vegetable curry, all of which use only local Saga produce. This restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored Western-style building located across from the Saga Castle Honmaru History Museum. It was built in 1887 as a police department, at a time when Western influence was permeating into Japanese culture. As such, it is one of the early examples of Western architecture in Saga. Take a step back in time while you flavour the delights of Western-style Japanese cuisine.


Saga Retrokan (さがレトロ館)
Address: 2-8-8 Jounai, Saga City
Telephone: 0952-97-9300
Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11:00 ~ 15:00
Dinner: 17:30pm ~22:00
Regular Holidays: Irregular holidays
Access 1: 15 min drive from Saga station
Distance to airport: 10 km from Saga Airport
Menu Language: Japanese

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