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Seaside BBQ dinner at sunset in Okinawa, Fusaki Resort Village

A summer trip to Okinawa can’t be complete without a Seaside BBQ dinner (yakiniku dinner). Although it may seem too hot for grilling your own meat and the beer gets lukewarm too soon, it is still worth a try.

Seaside BBQ dinnerSeaside BBQ dinnerWhile you are waiting for your order to arrive, you can go to the salad and fruit bar. I love Okinawan pineapples, especially the ones from Ishigaki, so the Seaside BBQ sunset dinner was a paradise for me.

Seaside BBQ dinnerOne unpleasant detail was that our plates with meat and fish arrived almost at the same time. That gave us no time to relax and enjoy the live music, a local trio of singers with sanshin, Okinawan kind of banjo. Overall, they seemed to be very noisy and tried to involve the audience in singing. That was the last thing I wanted to do. Simply enjoying the sunset on the beach while eating excellent meat was enough for me, but some people looked amused.

Seaside BBQ dinnerWe had to keep grilling the meat because it was really fresh and was starting to melt in the sun, which was strong even in the evening. However, the BBQ was really delicious! We decided to splurge and didn’t opt for imported meat. It was good domestic beef, wagyu (和牛).

Seaside BBQ dinnerSeaside BBQ dinnerThe fish was in aluminum foil and the waitress explained in Japanese how to cook it. We didn’t understand everything she was saying but it turned out OK anyway.Seaside BBQ dinnerWe also grilled some vegetables from the bar (kabocha squash, beets, pepper), and seafood.Seaside BBQ dinnerSeaside BBQ dinnerSeaside BBQ dinner

Our choice of drink was a bottle of black beer from Ishigakijima Brewery. I wouldn’t say it was extraordinary, and it wasn’t particularly cold.

Seaside BBQ dinner


Seaside BBQ 夏至南風(カーチバイ)

Address: Okinawa, Ishigaki, Arakawafusaki 1625 Fusaki Resort Village

Access: by taxi or by bus from Ishigaki airport.

Open: 18:00 – 20:30 (May and June – L.O. 21:00, July – September – L.O. 21:30)

More information: http://www.fusaki.com/plan/shimajikan/327

Distance from airport: About 16 km from Ishigaki Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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