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Affordable Scenic Flights and Charters in a Helicopter or Cessna

If you’re a foreigner in Japan, the chances are that you’ve flown before, probably in a Jumbo jet or a similar large aircraft. However, how many of you have flown in a small aircraft like a Cessna or a helicopter?

Scenic Charter Flights

Photograph courtesy of SGC Co. Ltd.

There aren’t many opportunities available to the average person to fly in one of these. Or so you may think. Let me introduce SGC Saga Aviation Co. Ltd, a company which offers just such an experience right here in Saga.

Anyone can take a scenic flight or charter a small plane or helicopter 

In the maintenance area of SGC Saga Aviation Co. Ltd., right next to the terminal at Saga airport, a team of Cessnas and helicopters are available for scenic flights or charters.
Charter flight
Charter Heli
There are two basic types of service available to the general public.

– Scenic flights, or flight-seeing tours
Several fixed courses are available in your choice of either a Cessna 172 or a Robinson R44 helicopter. From a 10 minute flight around the vicinity of the airport to a 60 minute tour of north Kyushu, over Fukuoka, Nagasaki or Oita. If I was to choose a particular tour, I’d take the one which flies over Mt Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan. The night flights also sounded quite spectacular!

– Charter flights

If you’re pressed for time and need to get somewhere quickly, why not charter a flight to take you from one airport to another. A charter flight will take you by the most direct route, saving you precious time. For example, a flight from Saga to Miyazaki airport, which would take more than four hours by car, takes only 70 minutes.

What is the greatest attraction of a small aircraft?

Scenic Charter Flights
Unlike your typical journey in a jumbo, you are seated right by the cockpit so you can observe the pilot and the controls up close. The helicopters also have large windows so you get a bird’s eye view of the ground. I can’t imagine a more thrilling experience. We were shown a number of different aircraft, each with their own unique layout.
Scenic Charter Flights
Scenic Charter Flights
I imagine it would be quite exciting watching the pilot during the flight. It’s not something you can experience every day.

Due to the noise of the propellers in helicopters, wearing of headsets is mandatory.

Head sets

Views from the aircraft are exceptional. It would undoubtedly be a very special experience.
Scenic Charter Flights

Photograph courtesy of SGC Co. Ltd.

If you wish to have an extraordinary flying experience, look no further. It’s not cheap but it’s not extortionate either.  And it is sure to be an unforgettable experience!


SGC Saga Aviation Co. Ltd
Address: 9476-188 Inuido Kawasoe machi, Saga city, Saga 840-2212
Telephone: 0952-46-2002Fax: 0952-46-2003
Mail: info@sgc-air.co.jp
Regular Holidays:
Access 1: 2-minute walk from the Saga airport terminal building
Access 2: 35-minute bus ride from JR Saga station
Access 3: 40-minute drive from Saga Yamato IC (Nagasaki Expressway)
Distance to airport: 0 km from Saga airport
Language: Japanese
Credit cards:

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