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Sandog Inn Kobeya: Fall pastries that combine the best of East and West

Did you khere is so much more to Kobeya (神戸屋) than just Kobeya Kitchen? It turns out that Kobeya Baking Co. LTD has a vast chain of cafes, bakeries and restaurants around train stations. It was established in 1918. There are several Kobeya spots around Tokyo Station, but this one is called a bit different – not Sandog Inn Kobeya, but Sandog Kobeya 神戸屋.Sandog Inn Kobeya

Back in 1975, the aim of Kobeya was to bring bread onto the dining table of an average Japanese family. It has already became a reality at least in terms of breakfast. Almost every Japanese person I know prefers toasts or sandwiches to the traditional bowl of rice in the morning.

Not everyone can afford to shop at the bakery daily, but it can be nice to treat yourself to Sandog Inn Kobeya pastries occasionally. You can take out or eat in, there are plenty of affordable set choices for teatime and dinner.Sandog Inn KobeyaMissing traditional fall pies? How about Halloween pumpkin pie or apple pie with vanilla ice-cream? Kobeya’s version of pumpkin pie is different from typical American, but it sure looks very Halloween-y!Sandog Inn Kobeya

Pastries with typical Japanese autumn flavors are sweet potato pastries (with satsumaimo and murasaki imo) and with chestnut.Sandog Inn KobeyaCombining European-style pastry with Japanese flavors is a good way to keep the balance between traditional and modern.Sandog Inn KobeyaMoreover, they have a lunch buffet (11 AM – 2 PM, last order – 1:30 PM) with plain and sweet breads, sandwiches, pizza toasts, soup, and small snacks called pinchos. The eat-in area of Sandog Inn Kobeya is spacy and light, albeit not exactly cozy. Sandog Inn Kobeya


Sandog Inn Kobeya

Address: Tokyo, Chuo Ward, Yaesu 2-1

Access: a short walk from Tokyo St.

Open: 7 AM – 10 PM (on weekends and holidays: 7 AM – 9 PM)

Official website: Sandog Inn Kobeya

Distance from airport: About 70 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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