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Have Yourself Buried in the Sand in Kagoshima

Of course you know onsens, they may well be the reason you come to Japan. In onsen facilities in Japan, the most common types are thermal spa, stone spa and sauna. However, in the southernmost areas of Japan, you can find a unique type of onsen called a “sand bath.”


Ibusuki is located in Kagoshima, the southernmost prefecture in Kyushu.

Ibusuki prides itself as being the “Hawaii of Japan” and under the constant bright Sun, you will feel as if you are on a tropical island. The clear blue sea that seems to connect directly with the sky, the green pine trees that reach high towards the Sun and the endless beaches of soft white sand.

It is this sand that you can bury yourself in!


This city is famous for its thermal water and it is said that in Ibusuki, you can find thermal water 1m below your feet where ever you dig. In fact, you can even find thermal water by the coast and this is what makes the “sand bath” possible.

“Sand bath, Saraku” one of the sand bath spots, is a 20-minute walk from Ibusuki station. When you arrive at the long winding beach, you will spot people dressed in yukata. They are preparing to be buried alive!



Source: Sand bath, Saraku (http://sa-raku.sakura.ne.jp/)

And I mean it, literally. Since it is impossible to bury yourself (well, of course), there are staff members around to bury you. They will help you to cover your hair with a white towel then they will start. They are very experienced in burying people alive so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can even ask them to take a photo of you being buried; they are professional at that as well!

You will be left in the sand for ten to fifteen minutes and you will feel very relaxed afterwards. If you are an onsen lover and want to try something new, I recommend this to you!



Addresss: Ibusuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu
Distance to Airport: 83km from Kagoshima Airport
Sand bath, Saraku
Address: 5-25-18 Yunohama, Ibusuki 891-0406, Kagoshima Prefecture
Opening Hours: 8:30am to 9pm
Holiday: The 2nd Tuesday of July and December, and also during bad weather
Tel: 0993-23-3900
Station: Ibusuki station of JR Ibusuki line
Access: a 20-minute walk from Ibusuki station
Offical HP: http://sa-raku.sakura.ne.jp

Article by Eva

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