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One of Sakai’s overlooked gems – The Sakai City Urban Greenery Promotion Centre

The Sakai City Urban Greenery Promotion Centre may not be intended for my age demographic, but I still consider it truly one of the city’s overlooked gems. This public sanctuary asks no price for admission and one is free to explore its beautiful Japanese-style gardens for as long as they please. If you love botany or are just looking for a quiet place with a good atmosphere, this flower-adorned wonderland is sure to meet your needs. Foreigners are just as welcome as anyone here, but you shouldn’t hold any expectations of bilingualism from the staff.

Sakai greenery 2

Throughout the year, the greenery hosts numerous family-friendly exhibitions and events. These include hosting indoor and outdoor markets, concerts by local musicians, craft making and displays, and even firefly viewing in the early summer time. Most of these activities are done by volunteers and are free of charge. If you want to help the centre support itself, the centre’s gift shop is host to a number of interesting hand-made items for purchase.

Sakai greenery 9

Though most of the garden is outdoors, there is also an attached greenery where cacti and succulents can be found. As you might expect, which greenery you will see depends largely on when you visit. But no matter the time of year, plant lovers will always find something to enjoy.

Sakai greenery 3


The centre’s interior houses a cafe, though if you are so inclined and the weather agrees, you can bring your own food and have a picnic at the provided tables located outside.

sakai_greenery_7Many images of the local adorable mascot Popian can be found decorating the halls, including a life size statue; rumour has it that on rare occasions he will make a live visit and you can meet him in person.


Address: 1-4-3 Higashiuenoshiba-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai City
Phone: (072)247-0310
Regular Holidays: Mondays. December 28 ~ January 4
Access: A short walk from Mikunigaoka station or from Sakai station
Distance from airport: 15 km to Yao Airport
Official website: http://www.sakai-hanatebako.org/

Article by Rand Colter

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