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Royce Maccha Chocolate: The best present from Narita Airport

Royce Nama Chocolate is a popular souvenir from Japan. It is easy to buy it at the duty free shop in Narita Airport, and that’s how I got acquainted with it. My husband-to-be kept bringing it each time he visited me.Royce Maccha ChocolateSo far I’ve tried all Nama chocolate with liqueurs: Au Lait, Champagne Pierre Mignon, Bitter, White, and Maccha. But no matter what kinds of Royce Chocolate we try, I believe that Maccha is the best flavor!

Even now, when my husband asks me what present I want from his business trip, I always choose Maccha. Not Kit Kat with maccha taste. It is fine, but that’s just about it. Maccha Kit Kat is a one time fun, while Royce Maccha Chocolate is a life-time affair.Royce Maccha ChocolateRoyce Maccha chocolate is divine! Even before you open the box you can feel a slight smell of high-grade green tea. Anticipating the pleasure brings even more pleasure…

Then you open it up, and try your first piece. Velvety smooth, it starts melting in your mouth, releasing a rich taste of fresh cream mixed with maccha powder.Royce Maccha ChocolateRoyce Maccha ChocolateIt is produced in Hokkaido, and that part of Japan is well-known for its delicious milk and dairy products.Royce Maccha ChocolateWatch out and keep your eye on your family members, otherwise you may run out of this delicious chocolate pretty soon!

Chocolate wafers with maccha, maccha bar chocolate and other green tea sweets are also good, but nothing compares to Royce Maccha Chocolate. It is simply the best!


Address: Chiba, Narita-shi, Furugome 1-1
Access: before control – shops Fa-So-La (T1/ T2), BLUE SKY (T2), ANA FESTA (T2); after control – Fa-So-La (T1)/ Fa-So-La, BLUE SKY (T2)
Official website of Royce: https://www.royce.com/contents/english/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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