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Pumpkin pie at Hudson Market Bakers

Japanese people usually do not bake pies. It is too much of a hassle, given the tiny kitchen and lacking the real oven in a typical Japanese apartment. Who would want to make a pie if you can buy it? Therefore, it is simply impossible to pass by such a trendy New York-style bakery as Hudson Market Bakers. It has been featured in many fashionable Japanese magazines like Madame Figaro, Hanako, More, Very and even Elle.

As expected of an American style shop, Hudson Market Bakers is ready for Halloween. Spooky decorations and pumpkin sweets are there waiting for you!Hudson Market Bakers

Hudson Market Bakers

There is a small eat-in area, which is very crowded on weekends. On weekdays this cozy and peaceful place is almost empty save for occasional groups of Japanese ladies chatting over a cup of coffee or tea. Many people pop in take out cakes, chocolate brownies, granola or cookies.Hudson Market Bakers

The owner is a nice Japanese lady who had lived in New York for a while. She brought in some American atmosphere to already enough international Azabu-Juban.

Seasonal pumpkin pie is on the menu from the beginning of October and it goes with a generous dollop of whipped cream.

Hudson Market Bakers

Just remember: pumpkin pie is not the ubiquitous apple pie, I couldn’t spot it everywhere in Tokyo. So it is often sold out at Hudson Market Bakers. But there is always New York pumpkin cheesecake for you. Hudson Market Bakers

Although my piece lacked the full pumpkin-pie spice flavor spectrum, Hudson Market Bakers is a good place to start the season!



Address: Tokyo, Minato Ward, Azabu-Juban 1-8-6

Access 1: a short walk from Azabu-Juban St.

Access 2: 10 min. walk from Roppongi St.

Open: 11 AM – 7 PM

Closed: on Mondays.

Official website: http://hudsonmarketbakers.com

Distance from airport: About 72 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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