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Parivaar, Nepalese-Indian Restaurant in Tama

My Indonesian friend and his wife had just finished their post-docs at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) but before they returned to Indonesia, my family and I visited them in Tama. The train journey from Tokiwadaira Matsudo to Tama in the hot summer was a long one but it was worthwhile because we were able to meet our good friends.

My friend and his wife invited us to lunch at one of their favorite restaurants in Tama. We were very excited and it was lunchtime. They took us to an Indian restaurant. Maybe, it is more accurate to call it a Nepalese-Indian restaurant.

Parivaar 1

The restaurant is named Parivaar and is located very near Tama station. Luckily it was a Sunday afternoon, because on weekday evenings, the restaurant is full of university students. TUFS is not the only University in the Tama area, there is also a university for police. This restaurant is well-known among students.

The entrance to the restaurant is small, but if you stand near it, you can tell from the smell that very nice Indian curry is made here. The interior is quite small, and it is decorated in Nepalese and Indian style. They play Indian music which gives it an Indian atmosphere. A large Nepalese flag shows their origin.

Parivaar 3

Parivaar 2

The Parivaar restaurant offers various types of Nepalese and Indian curry menus; 5 nan bread-curry sets, 1 rice-curry (Nepalese) set and 1 kids set. The set menus include a drink. I ordered a meal that I had never eaten before, nan-bread curry. No one chose a curry-rice set because as Indonesians, we eat rice every day. The curry dishes included chicken, egg, mutton, keema, sag chicken, vegetables and dal. Every nan-bread set is served with two types of curry.

Parivaar 4

As the dishes were brought to our table one by one we realized that the table was too small for all the food we ordered. I was amazed at the size of the nan bread. It was so big. I don’t think I have ever seen such a large bread like that before. And it was a little crispy too. Everybody laughed whenever my son lifted one of the nan and tried to eat it with his small mouth. But he liked it and ate almost all of it.

Parivaar 5

Nan-bread is broken up and dipped in to curry. Because we ordered different curries, we had the opportunity to taste several curries. The mutton curry was the most tasty curry for my wife and I. It was so delicious. Usually mutton has a strong smell but in this mutton curry, the mutton blended in a nice taste with the curry.

Parivaar 6

The taste of the food served here was original. I felt that I had eaten traditional Nepalese-Indian food. Maybe it is because they cook using charcoal. That’s why the nan-bread was so crispy, it was not like toast made using an electric oven toaster. All the bread is made from scratch by the chef and not from a mix. I was surprised to learn that they use charcoal from Indonesia. The food was excellent and served perfectly.

Parivaar 8

As somebody who was concerned about the Nepalese earthquake, I asked about their families. Thankfully, their relatives were all safe. Their hometown of Pokhara was quite far from the earthquake’s epicenter. The restaurant staff were nice and friendly and I really want to go again if I’m in the Tama area.

Parivaar, Tama Restaurant
Address: 3 -41-5 Momijigaoka, Fuchu, Tokyo
Opening hours: Lunch 11:00 – 15:00
Dinner 17:00 – 24:00 (LO:23:00)
Telephone: 042-361-9577 (English only)
Access: Short walk from Tama Station (Seibu Tamagawa line)
Distance from Airport: About 30 km from Haneda Airport

Article: A.A. Hadi

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