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Oiri, Soft Candy Balls of Happiness from Kagawa Prefecture

As a traditional candy often given in Kagawa prefecture as a wedding gift, Oiri is a candy that represents happiness. Just look at it and you can understand why: tiny fluffy balls of 1cm diameter, soft and gentle shades of five colours – this lovely appearance brings tenderness to your heart.


Copyright: Hougetudou

In Kagawa prefecture, it is traditional for brides’ families to give Oiri to their neighbours as a present. Oiri used to exist only in red and white, but the main trend nowadays is five colours: red, white, pink, yellow and green. But instead of a bright contrast in colour, they exist in a soft harmony.

Its softness does not only come from its appearance, but its texture as well. The major ingredient of Oiri is rice and while its colourfulness and tininess may remind you of Konpeito; unlike the solid Konpeito, the shell of Oiri is thin and it is empty inside. Its texture is as soft as cotton and it melts on your tongue the instant you put it into your mouth.

As a traditional candy, Oiri is much loved by the locals. Besides weddings, it is widely used for other celebrations such as job promotions. They are also eaten as regular snacks. If you come to Kagawa, you will often see this combination on the streets as well:


Ice cream and Oiri are a perfect match in terms of appearance, texture and sweetness.

Another secret way to eat them is to put them on a flat table and try to suck them into your mouth. Since Oiri are very light, you should be able to suck them into your mouth with your willpower! If you walk in a local neighborhood, you may encounter some children eating oiri this way. Only the locals know this method. Try to surprise them!


Address: Reference: Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Prefectural capital: Takamastsu
Airport: Takamatsu Airport
Reference: Hougetudou

Article by Eva

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