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Beautiful Places Not to be Missed in Japan

Many out-of-the-world places in Japan can be easily missed if one does not pay attention and delve into the hidden treasures. Many are not aware of some of the remote locations that exist in Japan, only known to a few lucky ones. These places should be on top of every guidebook as a perfect tourist attraction, but somehow they are not widely known among the crowds and that is the reason why people are not aware of them. This has happened with one of the most beautiful places around the globe – Japan! So what are these places… well, let’s have a look!

1. Aogashima Island in Tokyo

Aogashima Island

This ecstatic island is situated near the Philippine Sea around 350km south of the metropolitan area. It is a very well renowned part of Tokyo yet among the least visited places. You can either board a flight or a ferry to the Hachijojima Island. Thereafter, you can take a helicopter or a boat.


It is a secluded location because of which the transportation is liable to change frequently. It has rich nature with vibrant scenic beauty that makes it one of the most exotic locations in Japan you must visit.

2. Ryusendo cave

Ryusendo cave 2

This cave is considered among the three great limestone caves in the lwate zone. The entire cave is spread along an area of about 5000 meters, out of which 700 m is open to exploration by the public. There are eight underground lakes of which three are accessible to tourists and visitors. The water gush in that area is so transparent that you can actually get the vision of lights that are hung deep under the surface.

Ryusendo Cave

These places are known for their extravagant beauty to only a few, but it is gradually becoming popular with an increasing number of tourists. We ought to give them the appreciation and admiration they deserve!

Article by Asim Siddiqui 

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