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New temporary exhibition of DeLorean in Odaiba

Do you remember about October 21? Well, real Marty didn’t come from the past in a real DeLorean time machine, but there were many people in similar outfits last Wednesday in Odaiba. I was one of them.

In fact, I didn’t plan to wear a red puffer vest for the photo session with DeLorean car in Megaweb History Garage. After entering the garage I instantly saw some guy wearing a white wig and a lab coat. By the way, I think he was the only Doc Brown on that day, but I may be wrong.DeloreanI wasn’t wearing anything red, so the staff didn’t pay any attention to me. There was a line with people in Marty McFly outfit waiting for their turn to take their photo with DeLorean absolutely free of charge.DeloreanI asked some workers if I could participate, but they replied in a complicated Japanese. I had gathered that I need something to resemble Marty if I want to actually sit in the car. It was still noon, so I went to the nearest shopping mall, fingers crossed. The first two option were way too expensive just for a photo, and Uniqlo had only big, men’s red puffer vests. And then I found one at Forever21. It was around 3000 yen. When I returned to the garage, I was warmly welcomed back. It got less crowded there.DeLoreanActually, there was only one person in front of me. She was dressed up as McFly down to the smallest detail. Nikes, a wrist watch (was it Casio or not?), sunglasses, hoverboard, and four layers of clothes. I had never payed attention that the hero school outfit included: a black T-shirt, a white checkered shirt, a denim jacket and that famous red “safeguard” puffer vest. That reminded me of the mirrored aviator sunglasses I didn’t have. I used my regular ones instead. They took four photos of me: two inside DeLorean and two – looking at the watch (just like the iconic poster).DeLoreanThe photo session was only a one-day offer, but you can still come to see DeLorean on a special exhibition and buy yourself a toy model of DeLorean.DeLorean


Megaweb History Garage: Special Back to the Future exhibition (10/11 – 11/15)

Address: Tokyo, Koto Ward, Aomi 1-3-12

Access 1: 2 min. walk from Aomi St.

Access 2: 6 min. walk from Tokyo Teleport St.

Official website: http://www.megaweb.gr.jp/article/delorean/

Distance from airport: About 15 km from Haneda Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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