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New Japanese Kit Kat – Sake flavor

We’ve all read about it and I as soon as I saw the new Kit Kat at the convenience store I bought it. Sake flavored Kit Kat: what can be more Japanese (in a modern way, of course)? It may look just like a white chocolate bar, but as soon as you break it, there’s a gentle aroma of Japanese sake. The new Kit Kat is abundantly sprinkled with powdered rice wine. The combination of alcohol and chocolate is nothing new in the confectionery world, but the new sake flavored Kit Kat is definitely something out of the box!

Kit Kat with sake flavorCovered in beautiful cherry blossoms, the box contains 3 Kit Kat fingers. As it contains 0.8% alcohol, children and people with alcohol intolerance should avoid it. I didn’t get even a little drunk, but I suppose I’m not a weak drinker.

Kit Kat with sake flavorIf you want to sample the new sake flavored Kit Kat, and see a lot of real Japanese sake, there is an upcoming event you should not miss: Craft Sake Week at Roppongi Hills Arena. However, everything in the name of the event is deceptive. Not only will it last 10 days instead of 7, but there will also be shochu and ume shu in addition to various kinds of sake. Don’t worry: “It’s still sake, but not as we know it!”, as Leonard Nimoy could have said. Locals politely call all alcohol お酒 (o-sake), even beer, so be careful when ordering sake at a family-run Japanese diner. When my foreign friend and I ordered sake last time, a smiling little old lady brought us two beers, the only o-sake she had on hand.Kit Kat with sake flavorCall me conservative, but I prefer regular Kit Kat fingers with black chocolate coating (or is it milk chocolate?) I guess that the new sake flavored Kit Kat will make an excellent souvenir for your relatives and friends back at home though.  Its box adorned with baby blue and pink colors and cherry blossoms gives a very spring-like feeling, it is refreshing, and is a novelty by Nestlé Japan that is sold exclusively in Japan.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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