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Namaste India 2015: The opening day of the Indian festival

If you live in Japan do you remember much about your first year? My memory is very blurry. There were so many new places, new people, new foods etc. People often talked about festivals at Yoyogi Park but at the time I was quite homesick and was reluctant to go to any. Recently I discovered the beauty and meaning of such events.


Some think that the main purpose of these festivals is to try new foods and beverages (preferably the ones containing alcohol). Although this may be true to some extent, there is so much more to these festivals than that. The main attraction for me is the show.


I had never been particularly interested in Indian culture and had never seen any touchy feely Bollywood movies. My friend watched Bollywood movies and she is still looking for her prince. Maybe they program the subconscious mind! Of course we all know about Indian elephants.


The combination of colorful, richly decorated costumes, make-up and enchanting meditation music created an unforgettable atmosphere at the Indian festival. I was entranced for almost an hour and didn’t even notice how quickly time flew by.


There were classical Indian dancers wearing exquisite costumes and who adorned their feet, palms and fingers with a red dye called Alta.

The group called Spice Samurai performed a Bollywood Dance and the participants obviously enjoyed themselves.P1140941__1443277383_62241P1140951__1443277204_23588If you are interested, «Namaste» in Ancient Sanskrit means «I bow to you». Basically it is a respectful form of greeting with a slight bow and hands pressed together.


Namaste India 2015 (9/26 – 9/27)
Address: Tokyo, Shibuya Ward, Jinnan 2-chome Yoyogi Park Event Square
Access 1: 3 min. walk from Harajuku St.
Access 2: 3 min. walk from Yoyogi Koen St.
Open: 10 AM – 8 PM (9/27 – until 7:30PM)
Distance from airport: About 76 km from Narita Airport.

Article by Olga Kaneda

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