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Museian: How to Eat Classic Tenzaru Soba (Cold Buckwheat Noodles Served with Tempura)

Tempura soba set
Cold buckwheat noodles served with tempura, called “Tenzaru Soba” in Japanese, is a staple dish offered at all soba shops.
We’ll show you here how to eat this delicious dish!

Tenzaru soba is served with two types of dipping sauce known as “tsuyu.
The darker sauce on the left is the dipping sauce for the noodles (mentsuyu), while the lighter sauce on the right is the dipping for the tempura (tentsuyu.)

With your first bite, simply taste the noodles and enjoy the aroma of the buckwheat. Buckwheat noodles possess an elegant and subtle aroma with very little taste. Next, try dipping the noodles in the mentsuyu sauce.

Condiments can be added to the noodle dipping sauce.
Green onions are pictured on the right, with Japanese horseradish (wasabi) shown on the left.
At this particular restaurant, customers grate the horseradish themselves, allowing them to enjoy the fresh scent of the wasabi.

The light tempura dipping sauce already contains grated white radish (daikon), so there’s no need to add further condiments.
Tempura is always deliciously crispy and crunchy!


After finishing your noodles and tempura, a pot of soba-yu will be served.
Soba-yu refers to the water in which the noodles were cooked.

It is served in a teapot-like container, and is meant to be poured into the remainder of your noodle dipping sauce and drunk like a soup.

The buckwheat flour in the soba-yu makes for a very mild taste and refreshes the palate.


The steps outlined above allow you to fully savor the aroma, taste, and texture of buckwheat. We recommend you follow these steps so that you can experience eating soba in authentic Japanese style.

Soba in particular has traditionally been made in the mountainous regions of Japan. Some people who tire of working in cities move to the countryside to make soba.
Delicious Tenzaru Soba is on offer at the restaurant Museian (むせいあん) in the mountains of Mitsuse village, located just around the corner from the Donguri Mura Farmland Amusement Park.
Perfectly evoking the image of a traditional soba shop, Museian sits nestled among lush mountain greenery.
The steps leading to the restaurant’s entrance are furnished with a beautiful Japanese garden.

Why not indulge in some classic Tenzaru Soba at Museian, a restaurant overflowing with the spirit of traditional Japan?


Museian (無声庵)
Address: 2234-80 Yuzuriha Oaza Mitsuze Mura, Saga City
Telephone: 0952-56-2023
Opening Hours:Tuesday through Friday: 11:00 ~ 17:00
Saturday, Sunday and national holidays: 11:00 ~ 18:00
Regular Holidays: Mondays (or Tuesdays if Monday is a national holiday)
Access 1: 40 minute drive from Saga Station
Access 2: 30 minute drive from Saga Yamato IC, Nagasaki Expressway
Distance to airport: 30 km from Saga Airport. 30 km from Fukuoka Airport
Menu Language: Japanese

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