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Mother’s Little Helpers: Japanese robot vacuum cleaners

I love daily life in Japan because it tends to get easier and easier. Routine housework and jobs will soon be completely taken up by robots, and all we will have to do is to concentrate on creative tasks. As for me, it will be awesome if someone cleans the floor every day. I like clean floors, but hate taking out our old, heavy vacuum cleaner and carrying it around every day. Sure thing, it would be ridiculous to hire a domestic helper just for this household chore. My husband suggested that we buy a lightweight stick vacuum cleaner. I suggested that we buy a robot vacuum cleaner. I mean, I’m not asking for Pepper. We are just not married long enough to need some cute robot to make us happy. Not yet.Moreover, last time I tried to talk to robot Pepper, he completely ignored me and my Japanese skills. But I have to admit, having a humanoid robot at home is a kind of life in Japan I always imagined.

Actually, my husband had Roomba cleaner long time ago. The first problem was robot vacuum cleaners of this brand are not small enough to get everywhere in the apartment.robot vacuum cleanersThere were many spots left to be cleaned manually after Roomba. The second problem was more serious: a big dog with long hair. Roomba couldn’t cope with that, and got broken.

The next generation of robot vacuum cleaners is RULO. It is triangular, and seems to be able to clean up the corners.robot vacuum cleanersrobot vacuum cleaners

Then we saw Dyson 360 eye, which was introduced to Japanese market this year. It has a 360 degree camera and is able to analyse the room he is going to clean.robot vacuum cleanersI also love that the robots can be controlled by using an Iphone app. The future is already here, indeed.


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Article by Olga Kaneda

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