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A Taste of New Zealand at Mojo Coffee

Coffee is becoming more and more popular in Japan. When I just arrived in Japan, it was difficult to find a place with really good espresso-based coffee here. But after a couple of months (to be honest, almost half a year) of Internet research and visiting coffee shops I found this blissful place, which is called Mojo Coffee. Thankfully, it opened in Kagurazaka in 2012 just in time to satisfy my craving for caffeine and now they have a new branch in Waseda.

Mojo coffe 01

Flat white was introduced in the USA and United Kingdom only recently, so they still have a flat white vs. latte debate. I suppose that it is also a good point here, in Japan.

If you make coffee at home in New Zealand, there are two basic terms: black coffee and white coffee. «White» coffee just means that it contains milk. A flat white was born as a mix between a home-made French press coffee and Italian coffee, introduced by Italian immigrants.

Mojo coffe 02

The word mojo comes from Africa and originally means a charm or a spell, and the flat white is indeed magical! It is not guilty of being too milky (as latte does) and I love the microfoam, which is more velvety and smooth than the dry frothy cappuccino foam. Usually a flat white is smaller than a latte, and the espresso is not drowned in milk.

Mojo coffe 03

Both New Zealand and Australia claim their right to call the «flat white» their invention. Some people say that it first appeared in Australia in the 1980s, but baristas in New Zealand made it perfect. This island country has more coffee roasters per capita than any other country in the world.

On the menu you will also see a short black (a simple espresso) and a long black (an espresso topped up with hot water), cappuccino, mocaccino etc. But I always come to Mojo to drink the «quintessential Kiwi coffee», as the New Zealand Herald calls the flat white.

Mojo coffe 04


Mojo Coffee
Address: Tokyo, Shinjuku ward, Akagi Motomachi 4-11
Access: Kagurazaka station (5 min. walk)(Tozai line), Iidabashi station (15 min. walk)(Nanboku, Oedo, Yuraku subway lines,JR Chuo Sobu line).
Distance to airport: About 20 km from Haneda Airport

Article by Olga Kaneda

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