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Mamezara, a tiny Japanese plate with various uses

Last week I went to an exhibition of my Japanese friend in Aoyama, and my attention was caught by small colorful plates caught. These are mamezara (豆皿), she said. They are great for everyday use. “Mamezara?” I repeated dreamily. “Is it something you use only for beans?” Turned out, mamezara is a common name for any small plate that is 6-10 cm in diameter. It may be circular, flower-shaped, or any other possible shape, even leaf-shaped.mamezaraEach plate is often a work of art with intricate design, and such kind of beauty does not always come cheap (sometimes they cost more than 1000 yen). However, you can find rather decent ones at 100 yen shops. They make a perfect present or souvenir. Guess which one was from 100 yen shop?mamezaraThey are very handy to arrange small appetizers, or put some condiments like soy sauce on the dining table. As the name implies, mamezara plates are good for beans and nuts as well. They are also used to serve traditional Japanese sweets at the tea ceremony, other snacks (e.g. cookies, chocolate candies), pickles, lemon slice.

There are more interesting ways to use mamezara. For example, to keep the rings, necklaces, and other jewellery.mamezara

Mamezara can outdo any bone china or other fancy crockery. They are so earthy, authentic, and cute that there is no other option than instantly falling in love with them!Mamezara

Article by Olga Kaneda

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