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This sinful French toast at LON Cafe Enoshima will leave you wanting more!

LON Cafe Enoshima, which opened in 2013, is not your typical beach cafe. It is the first French toast cafe in Japan, but it doesn’t have any branches in Tokyo. Luckily for French toast (and beach) lovers, Enoshima is not very far away.

LON Cafe EnoshimaYou need to get a number and join the line in front of the cafe. While you are waiting for your turn, you can take a walk in Samuel Cocking botanical garden and/or decide what topping to choose. Will it be something classic or more extravagant? My choice next time will be Fig with Cheese or Truffle White Sauce.

LON Cafe EnoshimaLON Cafe EnoshimaLON Cafe also has a shop in the highway service area in Ebina. LON Cafe EnoshimaLON (or RON) is the reading of an old Chinese character for a mythical dragon Ryujin (龍). It was used in traditional folklore (especially in Enoshima). Ryujin had the enormous strength of an ocean. And if you are a fan of the anime and manga “Glass Mask”, you must remember how Kitajima Maya excellently interpreted this formidable dragon.

LON Cafe EnoshimaIf you want to learn more about the dragon of Enoshima, visit the caves. You will learn about the legend of Enoshima, A Heavenly Maiden and A Dragon with Five Heads.

Sipping ice coffee and gazing at the ocean… Isn’t it a perfect romantic date?LON Cafe EnoshimaLON Cafe EnoshimaFinally! Our order. Crusty on the outside, soft on the inside, French toast at LON Cafe Enoshima will satisfy even the most capricious foodie. It is a feast not only for the taste buds but also for the eyes.

LON Cafe EnoshimaLON Cafe EnoshimaA close up pic of “apple pie” topping with ice-cream, drizzled with chocolate sauce.

LON Cafe EnoshimaThe table next to ours was decorated with a cute pot plant.

LON Cafe Enoshima


LON Cafe Enoshima (Main Branch)

Address: Kanagawa prefecture, Fujisawa, Enoshima 2-3-38

Access: 7 min. walk from Enoshima Station on Enoden line

Distance from airport: About 55 km from Haneda Airport

Open: 11 AM – 8 PM (L.O. 7:30 PM) on weekdays, 10 AM – 8 PM (L.O. 7:30 PM) on holidays.

No reservations.

HP (only in Japanese): http://loncafe.jp/

Article by Olga Kaneda

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