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Lesser explored places in Japan

One can never get enough of an exotic country like Japan. Even if you feel you have explored it inside out and think there is nothing left to explore, Japan will not fail to surprise you. There are many iconic places all over Japan that you would have certainly missed but which anyone would undoubtedly love to admire. To make the most of your trip, you must visit Shikoku in Japan and get ready to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Shikoku is an extravagant place, known for its beautiful landscapes and it is considered an ideal choice for travellers who are willing to explore the essence of Japan.

Shikoku 1

It has Naoshima nearby which is an eye pleasing island that is filled with many art museums that creates a magical atmosphere around the place. People who have explored Shikoku also found countless tourist attractions including hiking routes, hot springs, waterfalls, river rafting and many more.

Shikoku 2

Tourists are also awed by the finger licking food delicacies that are famous in Shikoku, like sanuki and Tokushima.

Yakutabune is a traditional house boat that is very famous in Shikoku. It provides the tourist with an experience of private and peaceful liberty and that is the reason it is loved by travellers. Shikoku is also eminent for hot springs which provides you with a splendid experience, especially at night, and ensures that you remember the place for a lifetime. This is also a reason why most people love to visit this place again and again and it attracts a lot of travellers from all the corners of the world.

Many tourist attractions in Japan are acknowledged for their beauty and they become well known only when people start visiting the place again and again. That enhances the value of that particular tourist attraction and it receives the importance that it actually deserves. Overall, Shikoku should be in your list of places to visit in Japan.

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Article by Asim Siddiqu

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